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Welcome to G2 COLLEGE!

Our mission is to help guide students and families through the college search and application process so that it is personalized, organized, and enjoyable.  Too often the college application process is stressful and overwhelming, not just for students, but also for their families.  We understand why!  It is full of decisions and deadlines, forms and finances.

At G2 COLLEGE, we explain all aspects of the process, and take things step-by-step.  We explore college options, class choices, testing plans, and then move on to applications and essays.  By taking it one step at a time, the college application process can become manageable, successful, and even fun.

It’s Personal

We are student-focused.  Every student is unique so we personalize each student’s process to meet their needs.  We believe that not every school fits every student and that there is more than one great-fit option for every student; this guides our work. We listen and provide assessments and exercises that help determine interests and strengths.  We then help students prepare for and apply to the colleges that fit them not only academically, but also socially and financially.

We have experience working with students with learning differences (LD) who may approach this process from a different perspective and have additional needs. We work closely with all of our students to make sure their needs are met throughout the process and in their transition to college.


Our ultimate goal at G2 COLLEGE is a well-thought-out and rewarding college search and application experience for our students.  That means our students not only end up at schools where they thrive, but they also find the process to get there enjoyable, less stressful, and an opportunity for growth.

Let's Get Going

We offer college consulting services for 10th,  11th, and 12th  graders. See our Services page for details on the process and options or contact us for more information.

We typically meet with students and families in our Fremont office. However, we know how busy high school students are (and how bad Seattle traffic is), so we are flexible with when, where, and how we meet.  

You have been incredibly helpful through this whole process. It was great getting to know you and to go through this experience with you. I’ve been loving my college and I can’t imagine going to a different school!
— Student, Denver University