College Planning Package

This is a comprehensive package that typically begins late in 10th grade or early in 11th grade and encompasses all aspects of the college search and application process.

The College Planning Package is $4500* and the components include:

  • Initial meeting. The first meeting is with the student and the parent(s). We discuss the process, review parent/student intake forms, and conduct exercises to begin exploration of college characteristics of interest.

  • Initial College List. This is the list of schools that are good matches for the student based on the information provided by the student and family from the forms, meetings, and exercises. With this list, the student can start researching options.

  • Access to online platform. Students are given an account to an online platform (Custom College Plan) that we use to keep us all organized and on track! CCP can be used to research schools, set up meetings, communicate with consultant, and keep track of college list, application requirements, deadlines, and test scores.

  • Testing Guidance. We help students understand the differences between the tests, when to take the tests, and how to best prepare for them.

  • Academic and extracurricular Guidance (as needed). We can provide advice on high school course selection and give recommendations for extracurricular activities and summer involvement.

  • Resume Review. We will provide feedback and guidance on the student's resume.

  • Essay Brainstorming

  • Summer Sessions to:

    • Complete the Common Application

    • Complete the main essay (personal statement)

    • Do a practice interview

    • Begin required supplemental essays

    • Develop a plan to complete the rest of the applications

    • Create check list of other items to complete (e.g., letters of rec, sending test scores and transcripts, etc.)

  • Essay and application assistance until the process is complete.

  • Final Choice Support. We can assist students in making their final choice after decision letters and financial aid packages are received.

  • Meetings (Zoom, Skype, etc). Throughout the process we will meet as much as needed to answer questions and move efficiently through the process.

  • Materials. We provide college task calendar, college visit and college fair tips, testing information, resume samples, interview prep., etc.

    * Beginning January 2020, our College Planning Package will be $5000.